Truck Storage – Parafield Gardens

Parking Bays for Truck Storage

Truck storage is now available and better than every before. Access your truck whenever you like. Based in a modern storage facility specifically for Parafield Gardens. All trucks are welcome including Semi Trailers, Prime Movers, Light to heavy Rigids and more. There is no better place to store your truck while not needed. Save yourself from street parking which is not safe and against the law.

Semi Truck Storage

Semi trucks can take up a low of space. It is not safe to leave them on the street for prolonged times and parking on the street or on council land is against the law in Adelaide. Low Cost Storage have parking bays specifically for semi truck storage. You can store a truck for short or long term in a secure modern storage facility dedicated to keeping your Semi trailer safe.

Rigid Storage

Rigids come in all shapes and sizes. Storing them can be a headache sometimes. Low Cost Storage have the perfect place to store any type of rigid for short or long term. Dedicated rigid parking bays for light to heavy rigids. Get the best and most affordable rigid storage service with Low Cost Storage.

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