Semi Truck Storage Sites

Store Semi Trucks & Trailers in a Secure Parking Bay

Cost effective storage bays for Semi Trucks and trailers now available! Get affordable Semi Truck storage that is safe and secure. Long- or short-term storage available for any type of Semi-Truck and trailer on site in Bolivar, SA.

Our Truck storage site is easily accessible and the right price for either long- or short-term storage. The semi-truck parking bays are easy to get to and you will have no problems parking your truck for the duration of your storage service.

Secure Semi Truck Storage Facility

Low Cost Storage may provide low cost storage for any Semi Truck but that does not mean they are short on security and keeping your Semi Truck safe and secure. With 24/7 security monitoring and large boom gates. Low Cost Storage have invested in securing your Semi Truck to ensure you have a happy Semi Truck storage experience.

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